How to make a stained glass mosaic?

Art is one of the components that cannot be separated from human beings. Art makes a person feel complete since a person gets an opportunity to express imagination, ideas, and creativity.

There are various ways a person can use to express creativity and show the skills. Stained glass mosaic is one of the popular arts across the world that people use to show their talents and abilities.

How to make a stained glass mosaic

Stained glass mosaic is an art that involves the use of painted glass to make different attractive windowpane and pictorial frames. When making the stained glass mosaic you need to gather and arrange small pieces of glass at a unique and attractive pattern. Making of stained glass mosaic is simple and precise hence you can be able to make your desired glass mosaic without depending on an assist from another person. Here are the steps on how to make a stained glass mosaic:

  • Select and clean windowpane. Once you clean the pane ensure that you sundry it or wipe it with a clean and dry piece of cloth. Then attach the glass panel on a frame that is made of a strong material such as wood. Draw the intended design on a plain paper that fits your stained glass mosaic frame or sketch the design behind the windowpane with a dry marker.
  • Use a glass cutter to cut the colored windowpane into smaller pieces. It is good to take caution to avoid injuries to ensure that you wear gloves and goggles to protect your hands and eyes.
  • Arrange the small glass pieces on the clean windowpane in the intended pattern. Ensure you follow the sketch guide behind the windowpane.
  • Carefully apply a clear mosaic glue to attach the glass pieces on the stained glass mosaic. Ensure that you leave the mosaic for one day or two in a clean place that is free form dust for this will ensure that it dries completely.
  • Use masking tape to wrap the stained glass all around and by doing this you will protect your mosaic from grout destruction. In case you forget to use masking tape to cover the frame the mortar can discolor your mosaic.
  • Follow the manufacture guideline when making the grout paste. Make sure that you wear gloves for this will help you avoid direct hand contact with your hands. Then apply the grout to fill in the spaces between the mosaic glass materials. Leave the mortar paste to dry for ten to fifteen minutes and then remove that excess paste with a spatula or wipe with a dry and clean piece of cloth.
  • Apply the mortar sealer over the stained glass mosaic using a painting brush and by doing this you will ensure that mortar remains contact. If the sealer is not applied the mortar may dry and crack and this leads to the mosaic disruption. Once you apply the sealer ensure that you give it duration of three to four hours for it to dry.
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