Coffee, testosterone, potency – where is the connection?

The question of the effect of coffee on a man’s potency has long been studied. Scientists are divided in their opinions: some believe that coffee beans are useful for male potency, while others point to serious harm to the male body. Who is to be believed? It’s all about the number of cups you drink of this fragrant drink.

A moderate amount of caffeine is beneficial for potency, because it stimulates blood circulation and increases libido, acting as an aphrodisiac. In addition, caffeine increases the synthesis and activity of sperm, so connoisseurs of this flavorful drink have the highest level of reproductive function, which makes it easier and faster to conceive a child.

However, some British scientists have found a connection between caffeine and lowered potency. The fact is that caffeine beans have in their composition components that are identical in their action with the female hormone estrogens. An excessive amount of these substances greatly increases the concentration of female hormones, reducing the amount of testosterone in men, which leads to potency disorders. The conclusion is the following: moderate consumption of coffee is a guarantee of good potency, but the excessive consumption of coffee is an enemy for the male body. Nevertheless, if you have begun to notice problems with potency, it makes sense to look at specialized medicines. They are available at

Coffee and impaired potency – causes

Keeping in mind all the positive properties of coffee, you should not forget about the possible negative consequences of its excessive consumption. Overdose of caffeine is dangerous not only for potency, but also for other organs and systems of the male body. In overdose there are such side effects:

  • instability of blood pressure (hypertension and hypotension);
  • deterioration in the quality of erections, weak potency, decreased sexuality;
  • sleep disorders, insomnia;
  • increased emotional stress, nervous mood;
  • gastrointestinal disorders, exacerbation of gastritis or ulcers;
  • problems with the heart or blood vessels.

An excessive amount of caffeine in a man’s diet affects the production of testosterone. An overdose of such a drink can completely stop the production of the male hormone, which immediately affects the quality of potency.

Norm of caffeine for men

So that the drink from fragrant grains does not harm potency, keep in mind the generally accepted norm of caffeine for men, which is 400 mg per day. A cup of Americano contains about 100-140 mg of caffeine. From this it follows that you can drink no more than 3-4 cups of coffee drink per day. 500 mg of caffeine can cause problems with sleep, decreased potency and inner restlessness. It is useful to know that Arabica has less caffeine than Robust.

If you’ve started noticing potency problems, but you’re sure you haven’t been exceeding your caffeine limit, you should consider seeing a doctor. You should also consider buying certain medications that can help you restore potency quickly and effectively. For example, you can use There are many modern preparations that can help you restore your potency.

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