The basic rules of male attractiveness

Everyone knows that there are men who are not handsome, but nevertheless have great success with women, while some of the owners of the correct facial features and tight biceps girls do not pay much attention. Why? “Charisma!” you’re likely to say. “The rules of male attractiveness,” we confidently parry (and are happy to share them with you). By the way, if all you’re looking for is just multiple one-night stands, you can buy male enhancement products at, and don’t waste your time reading this article. Well, if you want to “snag” the one that ignited your heart, of course, you have to dig deeper.

The correct posture and a white T-shirt

Of course, the natural charm has not been canceled. Equally, as well as that very “coincidence”, which boasts lucky men who really managed to find “the one”. Let’s start the old-fashioned way with the appearance and clothing. After all, even before you verbally impress the girl with a hitherto unheard-of originality, it is desirable that she has already been interested in you. What she will surely pay attention to in the first place is your correct posture and a white T-shirt. After all, a beautiful posture signals self-confidence, and is almost the main feature of a healthy male, and the white color the vast majority of women find the sexiest in men’s clothing.

Calm and indifference

Regarding your behavior, let’s say the following: calm, only calm (and impassivity in addition). When a woman sees that you do not jump out of your underwear, in order to interest her, she herself struggles to get your attention. It’s human nature – we always want what is more difficult to get. So, just pretending indifference to the girl, you are already two steps ahead of the other candidates for her favor. But, please, do not overdo it.

Adrenalin to your aid

As you know, thanks to adrenaline, a man is very good at learning information, and also becomes more submissive. So it would be nice to use the properties of this hormone to your advantage. How to achieve this? Very easy! All you need to do is to make a reasonable pause during a conversation (the key word here, as you understand – “reasonable”). Thus, she will wait for your next phrase, holding her breath.

Efficiency, a sense of humor and culinary abilities

By performance we mean that you should keep your promises. Keeping promises is a sacred duty of any man, a woman defines the reliability of a man by this quality, so if you screw up here, everything will be bad. Humor indicates a high level of stress resistance. And this is one of the main criteria for choosing a partner, for whom you are like “behind a stone wall. Well, if you, in addition, and also know how to cook, then you are, as they say, out of competition.

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