Introducing the First Fashion Incubator In the Region

You can now build a fashion empire with the aid of the first ever Middle Eastern Fashion Incubator. Based between Cairo and Dubai, the incubator is the perfect solution to all emerging Arab fashion designers who need the extra kick in the cutthroat industry.

With the booming fashion scene in the Middle East, designers have blossomed, making way for The Fashion Incubator (TFI) to step in and help pave the way for success. Through professional development courses, mentorship, in-house production, networking opportunities, photo shoots, retail deals, fashion week opportunities and studio space, TFI is every young designer’s answered prayer. It transforms sketches into garments and dreams into a reality, turning creative designers into successful entrepreneurs.

TFI presents an opportunity like no other, offering the ultimate recipe for success, as it’s the first incubator in the MENA region to have a fully equipped in-house production facility. Offering designers an all-rounded service where they can design their fashion line, source fabrics and produce their collections all under one roof and at affordable prices.

Now regional designers can also have the chance to showcase their collections in 1422, the biggest concept store in the Middle East, under the umbrella of the Fashion Incubator. Located in Dubai’s most innovative retail destination, 5 minutes away from Burj Khalifa, 1422 sits beautifully at Citywalk Dubai; an integrated family friendly hub that seamlessly combines living, shopping, entertainment, hospitality and wellness.

The concept store brings together cultures from around the world, selling a curated selection of products that suggest a certain lifestyle of the ready couture. The location promises a clientele like no other, attracting 20 million visitors annually, ranging from wealthy locals to other top-notch GCC nationals. Those who seek exclusivity and uniqueness, with the highest purchase power and a love for shopping will be those that step foot in store.

From sports and casual wear, to couture evening wear and to home furnishings, any textiles can be produced at TFI, accounting for all the creative minds out there trying to find their path. Designers no longer need to own and manage their own production and aren’t limited to certain quantity restrictions, making way for boutique designers to pave their way in the competitive market.

TFI aspires to witness entrepreneurs flourishing in their chosen industry, expecting to see these homegrown designers showcasing their creations regionally and internationally.

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