How to buy natural gas at Prozorro

When your goal is to acquire a certain amount of natural resources, you should pay maximum attention to the procurement process and rely on some modern tools to help you.

Buying real estate in Spain

If you want to become the owner of a house or apartment abroad and look at Spain, it is worth learning more about the features of the purchase procedure. We will tell you in detail about five steps for a successful deal. To begin with, a few words about the

Speaking of Fashion

Join Saint Louis Fashion Fund for Speaking of Fashion: Fashion in the Digital Sphere, an industry-focused panel exploring the current state of fashion e-commerce and digital media featuring industry leaders: Melissa Liebling-Goldberg, digital content and marketing consultant; Lori Coulter, founder and CEO of SUMMERSALT swimwear; and Molly Shelton, Senior Director of Marketing, at Caleres.

Saint Louis Fashion Incubator is Turning One

A stylish first year anniversary celebration and special reveal for 2018 is scheduled for this Saturday, January 13, for the Saint Louis Fashion Incubator. 

Five fashion incubation projects giving hands-on help to start-ups, creatives and young talent in Hong Kong

A new breed of fashion incubators offers not just funding but hands-on help, access to business expertise, and mentorship programmes. We profile five that are helping young talent in fashion, jewellery and related industries.

Introducing the First Fashion Incubator In the Region

You can now build a fashion empire with the aid of the first ever Middle Eastern Fashion Incubator. Based between Cairo and Dubai, the incubator is the perfect solution to all emerging Arab fashion designers who need the extra kick in the cutthroat industry.


When I imagine a fashion incubator, regardless of location, I picture a bright, glossy loft with floor-to-ceiling windows and a large draft table situated in the middle. It probably sits on a high floor of a building in New York City’s Garment District — a sort of haven within an otherwise grubby


As we’ve covered pretty extensively on this site, getting a clothing line off the ground is very, very difficult — especially in terms of obtaining money, visibility and production and delivery logistics. But typically, that isn’t a major concern for a big department store.

The value of design thinking

Establishing an inspirational design brief early on can help guide the process. Having part of any brief include the design strategy can assist in facilitating innovation strategy, diagnosis, formulation, and implementation.

Cloud migration checklist

Migration to the cloud is a natural step in the development of modern business. Despite the area, a lot of companies move to the cloud because it can highly increase the company’s efficiency. The simplest way to implement cloud computing is by referring to the Managed Service Provider (MSP), like

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